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“Talking about our aging parents can be uncomfortable, but it is critical, and I’m passionate about getting this conversation started.”

Psychologist Rachel Fry, Ph.D., and Bridgeworth Partner Patti Black, CFP® will be sharing our perspectives as a psychologist and as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ as well as daughters. I helped care for my Mom before she died in 2018 and for my Dad before he died earlier this year. I’m also hearing from many clients and friends who have concerns about their aging parents. 

On Wednesday, October 20th, at noon, the panelists will talk to adult children about reducing the stress of caring for aging parents. We hope these conversations will help parents and adult children grow together, not apart, as we age.  

Of course, if you’d rather ignore the realities of your aging parents, you can skip our presentation and follow these fun steps instead: 

  1. Assume things will never change. You are not getting older, and your parents are not getting older. Your children will always be the age they are now.  
  2. Pretend you can’t hear when your parents start talking about their estate plan. Quickly change the subject to a new restaurant that just opened or your latest purchase: “These shoes are cute AND comfortable!” 
  3. Avoid asking your parents where to find their essential financial and legal documents. Please don’t ask questions about what your parents want when it comes to end-of-life care. There’s no need for you to know this information. We’re all living forever, right?