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Be Wealthy. Bridgeworth has an industry leading ration of women advisors. 32% of our advisors are women.

Bridgeworth has an industry leading ration of women advisors. 32% of our advisors are women.

Bridgeworth Women

A woman with a purpose is unstoppable. But even the highest achieving among us needs a sounding board. Having someone to truly listen and ask the right questions can help bring your purpose, values, and goals into sharper focus.

Important realities of women’s lives, such as pay gaps, career breaks, and longer lifespans, make many women’s needs unique and complex. At the same time, women are gaining more financial control and responsibilities, but according to a 2022 TIAA survey, only 19% of women are “very confident” they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. This is compared to 35% for men.

According to a 2022 report in Barron’s, women make up only 24% of advisors nationwide. At Bridgeworth, we are proud that 36% of our advisors are women. As a firm co-founded and led by women, we understand the unique needs and issues women face daily. We have years of experience helping women fulfill their financial potential and aiding in their empowerment to make crucial decisions regarding their financial lives.


Women Advisors


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Career Change

Life is hectic and changing careers can add more complexity to your already busy life. Once you make the decision to take a new route in your professional life, we can help you get on the path toward making your updated goals a reality.


You are the only "you" there is. Deciding to own and be intentional about your financial future is the first step to having greater peace of mind. Our advisors can serve as a sounding board when you need a second opinion.

Loss of a Partner

According to a 2019 Financial Advisor Magazine article, an estimated 70% of women will leave their financial advisor within a year of their spouse's death, a time when they need that kind of guidance more than ever. During times of grief, decisions can be incredibly overwhelming. We walk our clients through a process of healing through financial empowerment.


Few things are as financially disruptive as divorce. Our role during this challenging process is to keep you focused and informed on the options available to you so that you understand how every financial choice you make impacts your goals. We serve as an added member of your team during this difficult time.

Transparency and trust are at the core of our mission. We realize that revealing your entire financial life to another person is not something you do every day, so it is reassuring to know your advisor’s guidance and clarity comes with zero judgment and zero pressure. And you can be confident in the knowledge that your advisor is bound ethically to act solely in your best interest.