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Finances are a driving force behind much of what happens in our lives. Whether it’s as simple as deciding what to order off the lunch menu or as complex as planning retirement, we all make many choices every day which guide our financial future. So, why is it that we, specifically women, tend to shy away from financial topics? It might not surprise you that when it comes to wealth management, 61% of women say they would rather talk about death than money.1    

This apprehension women seem to have towards wealth management is also reflected on a professional level. The CEO of the Certified Financial Planning Board states, “It is perhaps a too well-known fact that women are the minority within the financial services industry, and, specifically, the financial planning profession. Despite the impressive growth in the number of CFP® professionals in recent years, the percentage who are women has remained flat, at about 23 percent.”2   Women at Bridgeworth take this statistic to the next level, with 8 of our 24 advisors being female and two female planning coordinators working towards earning their marks (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™).

As a general rule, females tend to live longer than males1. This fact emphasizes the importance of female involvement in family finances. Additionally, women bring much to the table when it comes to keeping track of the family budget, staying financially disciplined, and achieving long-time investment goals. Recently, Yahoo Finance released a study that looks at the advantages women naturally have regarding money management. They highlighted four strengths women typically possess:

  • women are more organized
  • they are cautious, calculated investors
  • they like to focus on the long-term plan
  • they do a better job of keeping track of the expenses3

Even if you don’t feel equipped to take on financial matters, know that you, as a woman, do have what it takes.  At Bridgeworth, we see firsthand the reservation women sometimes have when it comes to money. Thankfully, we have also seen the relief that comes from having a plan in place and a team working on your behalf. Our job as your advisory team is to listen to you, help you determine your goals, quantify what resources you have, and make a plan to help you reach those goals. At Bridgeworth, we have a wonderful group of female planners, attentive to your individual needs and knowledgeable on the right questions to ask. It is truly a pleasure to work alongside such wonderful clients while empowering them to be intentional with their financial lives.  If you need help taking the reins or learning the next best steps for you, reach out to a Bridgeworth advisor today.

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