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Planning in the Midst of a Medical Crisis

As financial advisors, we help our clients to consider and plan – not only for their own goals but also for some of life’s serious “what ifs.”  What if you want to retire early?  What if you want to buy a vacation home?  What if your child is planning to attend graduate school? What if …

The Downside of Random: Don’t Gamble with the Averages

This article originally appeared in the May 6 issue of Birmingham Medical News. Check-ups, tests, and results. Doctors provide, measure, and deliver data to patients every day, often with profound implications. Financial advisors, at least the diligent ones, offer the same to their clients. Much of our data focuses on helping people have confidence that …

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Financial Planning

A group of us in the office recently read (or re-read) Dr. Stephen Covey’s classic, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. If you have never read it, I strongly recommend it. Covey explores the effects of a principle-centered paradigm, changing ourselves from within first, and then the impact on our relationships with others. As …