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Buy or lease a vehicle? Depends on your situation

So you are thinking about getting a new car. You have probably spent time thinking about the make, model, features, and everywhere you are going to drive it. But have you spent as much time thinking about whether you are going to buy or lease? You will likely have lower monthly payments if you lease, …

Insights Into Retirement: Larry Goldberg in the BBJ Table of Experts

Larry Goldberg

In May, Advisor Larry Goldberg participated in the Birmingham Business Journal’s 2015 Insights into Retirement Roundtable. Here are highlights. Q. What is the most critical factor for developing a strong retirement plan? Goldberg: I think there are three things. Number one is consistently saving regardless of market conditions. Number two is monitoring their progress. Are they …

Bridgeworth Expands Into Huntsville, Alabama

Bridgeworth Expands into Huntsville

Bridgeworth is pleased to welcome Brian Hinson, CFP®, CPA, ChFC®, Bob Johnson, CFP®, ChFC®, Jonathan Hornsby, CRPC® and their staff to the Bridgeworth family. Formerly with First Financial Group in Huntsville, Alabama, Brian and his team bring more than 50 years of combined experience and $250 million in assets. DeLynn Zell shared, “We are delighted …

Bridgeworth Host Higher Academic Summer School Scholars and Supporters

Julie Ellis, Director of Marketing and Business Development, sits on the Advisory Board of the Higher Academic Summer School. Julie and Bridgeworth hosted the HASS Scholars and Supporters at a recognition event on Thursday, April 9th. Each year, advanced students from the Black Belt spend three weeks of their summer at Indian Springs School in …

Advisor Zach Ivey Participates in BBJ 2015 Tax & Investment Roundtable

Bridgeworth Advisor Zach Ivey

In February, Advisor Zach Ivey participated in the Birmingham Business Journal’s 2015 Tax & Investment Roundtable. Here are highlights and link to the full article. Q: The stock market has experienced several strong years recently. Should investors be worried in today’s environment? Ivey: Stock investors should always have an eye towards risk. We’ve been in …