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Industry Leaders Patti B. Black, CFP® and Jonathan E. Millican, CFP® Join Bridgeworth, LLC

Bridgeworth, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Patti B. Black, CFP® and Jonathan E. Millican, CFP®. Prior to joining Bridgeworth, Black and Millican were with Kinsight, LLC where Black served as Senior Financial Planner and Millican served as Director of Financial Planning Operations managing a team of 4 financial planners, 2 paraplanners. Bridgeworth, LLC …

It’s Time for Your Annual Medicare Check-Up: How to Assess Your Current Needs

Based on industry studies, the majority of those with Medicare coverage are overspending every year, either through excessive premiums or through unanticipated out-of-pocket charges. Individuals oftentimes purchase Medicare Part C (Advantage) and Part D (prescription drug) plans that do not match up with their actual healthcare needs. (Votava, Katy, “Medicare Users Should Give the Coverage a …

Countdown to Retirement

Summer is coming to an end and hopefully, you and your family had a chance to take a great vacation. As you think back to your summer vacation, think about all the time you spent planning for the trip. You reviewed your available cash and created a budget for your trip. Then you began shopping …