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3rd Quarter Detailed Market Commentary

The famed investor and “father of value investing”, Benjamin Graham, explained that in the short-run the market is like a voting machine, tallying up which stocks are popular and which ones are not. In the long-run, however, the market is like a weighing machine; assessing the substance and value of companies based on fundamentals.   The …

Bridgeworth’s Viewpoint on Recent Market Volatility

As the alerts flash on the screen and CNBC talking heads show their excitement for a break from the mundane news cycle, many may be wondering what in the world is happening in the stock market. The global stock markets started selling off late last week and appear to be continuing today (Monday, August 24, …

The Double-Edge of Cheap Oil

Bridgeworth Advisor Zach Ivey

The topic of oil is once again top of mind for many today as we have seen a new drop in the price of oil and further decline in oil related stocks. As recent as 2008, the talk in the energy industry and in Washington was on the topic of “Peak Oil,” the idea that …

A 2nd Quarter Review

The overall positive returns in the stock markets continued despite the negative returns that occurred during the last week of the quarter, as fears of a debt default by Greece weighed on the markets. The U.S. stock market has experienced a bit of deja vu this first half of the year with climate factors affecting …

Advisor Zach Ivey Participates in BBJ 2015 Tax & Investment Roundtable

Bridgeworth Advisor Zach Ivey

In February, Advisor Zach Ivey participated in the Birmingham Business Journal’s 2015 Tax & Investment Roundtable. Here are highlights and link to the full article. Q: The stock market has experienced several strong years recently. Should investors be worried in today’s environment? Ivey: Stock investors should always have an eye towards risk. We’ve been in …