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Bridgeworth Ranked 42 on 2018 Top Company Cultures List Presented by Entrepreneur Magazine

Bridgeworth, LLC is pleased to announce it was ranked on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list; a comprehensive ranking of U.S. based businesses exhibiting high-performance cultures. The list has placed Bridgeworth, LLC as a Top Company Culture in the small size category (74 or fewer employees). Bridgeworth is recognized for creating an exceptional culture that drives …

Investing 101

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California was built without an architect or any plans over the lifetime of its owner, Sarah Winchester. The result included stairs that lead to the ceiling, and a doorway that opens to a two-story drop! The overall effect is quite eerie, and investing without a plan may result …

The Number One Rule for Avoiding Tax Scams

Every year around this time we are unfortunately confronted with a new series of tax scams. There are many out there but a common one we have seen this year goes something like this IR-2018-27: Taxpayer’s Identification is hacked Stolen information is used to file an erroneous return in the taxpayer’s name Refund is deposited …