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The Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ) has released the 2023 Top Birmingham Women. We are proud to share that among these leaders is Bridgeworth CEO DeLynn Zell, CFP®.

The Top Birmingham Women award “highlights women who have established themselves as key leaders in their companies or organizations and reach career pinnacles.” DeLynn is just that as co-founder and CEO of Bridgeworth. You can read more about her inspiring story through a Q&A with the BBJ here

Some key takeaways from her interview:

I’ve been fortunate to have played a role in the establishment and growth at Bridgeworth, which has also afforded me opportunities to have a voice in the national landscape of the financial planning industry. As a leader, you must be willing to serve others in the industry and contribute to change that benefits us all.

When Bridgeworth was founded in 2008, only a handful of women CEOs for wealth management firms existed. Leading this industry shift has been pivotal to Bridgeworth’s success in hiring and retaining women.

Put women in leadership positions where they can be mentors and role models, and other omen are going to gravitate toward them. Women need to see other women in the same position and say, ‘I can be that one day.’

In addition to her role as CEO and visionary, DeLynn has worked intentionally at mentoring and developing female advisors in the male-dominated financial planning field. Her influence has contributed to Bridgeworth having 36% female advisors and 6 out of 9 management team members being women.

Bridgeworth is proud of DeLynn’s achievement; her dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence have transformed our organization and left an indelible mark on the industry. Congratulations to the other award recipients!

Bridgeworth Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Adviser.

No compensation was provided directly or indirectly in connection with obtaining this award.

Bridgeworth is now a part of Savant Wealth Management as of 11/30/2023. Savant Wealth Management (“Savant”) is an SEC registered investment adviser headquartered in Rockford, Illinois.