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I helped care for my Mom before she died in 2018 and for my Dad before he died earlier this year.  I’m also hearing from many clients and friends who have concerns about themselves as they age or about their aging parents. Talking about aging can be uncomfortable, but it is critical, and I’m passionate about getting this conversation started with psychologist Rachel Fry, Ph.D.  We will share our professional perspectives, as a psychologist and as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, as well as through the lens of being daughters.

On Wednesday, October 6th at noon, Rachel and I will talk to parents about what it means not to be a burden to their adult children. We will be sharing steps to reduce the financial and caregiving weight as you age. We hope these conversations will help parents and adult children grow together, not apart.

Of course, if you’d rather be a burden on your adult children, you can skip our presentation and follow these fun steps instead:

  1. Pretend you can’t hear when your adult children ask questions about your finances or your health. Reply with a comment about the weather or college football instead: “Think Saban will win another championship?”
  2. Make sure no one knows where to find your important financial and legal documents. Leave illegible lists of the passwords for your online accounts, keep statements from accounts that were closed decades ago, and don’t update your will and power of attorney that were signed when your kids were young.
  3. Keep thoughts about end-of-life care to yourself. There’s no need to share this information with the people who may be making decisions for you.
  4. Make sure your adult children don’t know about our other (or Part II) webinar on Wednesday, October 20th at noon.  Rachel and I will address common concerns adult children have about their aging parents, like whether parents can and should continue to live independently and actions to address these worries.

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