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Financial Friday originated as a weekly update in March of 2020 during turbulent times and has evolved into more. On the first Friday of each month, Bridgeworth Partner and Chief Investment Strategist Zach Ivey, CFA, CFP® provides a breakdown of market activity, including investment concept summaries and terminology.

Concerns have been expressed and conversations have become heightened around the debt ceiling, the current state of the economy, and the impact of the emergence of artificial intelligence on business and financial spheres. On today’s Financial Friday, Zach Ivey CFA, CFP® walks us through the debt ceiling’s importance and history, gives us a snapshot of the current state of the economy across metrics such as unemployment and inflation rate, and speaks to how artificial intelligence is molding the current financial landscape.

As Chief Investment Strategist, Zach is responsible for leading the firm’s investment committee, which conducts research and manages more than $2 billion of assets for our clients. Frequently quoted and featured in local and national business publications, Zach’s guiding principles and leadership support Bridgeworth and our clients to stay abreast of the latest in the investment world.

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Bridgeworth is now a part of Savant Wealth Management as of 11/30/2023. Savant Wealth Management (“Savant”) is an SEC registered investment adviser headquartered in Rockford, Illinois.