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Julie Ellis, Director of Marketing and Business Development, sits on the Advisory Board of the Higher Academic Summer School. Julie and Bridgeworth hosted the HASS Scholars and Supporters at a recognition event on Thursday, April 9th.

Each year, advanced students from the Black Belt spend three weeks of their summer at Indian Springs School in Birmingham and one week at the Alabama School of Math and Science. During  this four week academic boot camp, students will participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes math and English, complete a college level science class with the creation of a full lab report, analyze social justice case studies, learn the basics of the Spanish language, and learn how to prepare themselves for tests like the ACT. Students will also conduct a full mock trial in front of the Honorable Teresa Pulliam, partake in financial literacy classes at Bridgeworth, life skill courses, visit several colleges and universities, and take cultural field trips in and around Birmingham.

At the reception, HASS C0-Executive Directors Lisa Bochey and Lauren Sanders recognized the importance of partners and advocates like Bridgeworth Financial, Christian & Small, Indian Springs School, the Alabama School of Math and Science, the United Way of West Alabama, the Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation, and Price Armstrong Law firm. Debbie Smith, Christian & Small managing partner, spoke about the importance of supporting programs like the Higher Academic Summer School saying she firmly believes improving education is at the heart of business recruitment, workforce development, community revitalization, and reducing poverty.

The first HASS graduates were also recognized. Adrianna Jones, Adrianna Thomas, and Diamond Woodard were in the first class of HASS in 2011 and graduated the HASS program last summer. The three HASS scholars will graduate this spring and begin UAB in the fall …on academic scholarship. Diamond spoke to the group and shared what being a part of HASS has meant to her. This summer, Diamond’s younger sister will begin her HASS experience.

Bridgeworth is proud to recognize programs like the Higher Academic Summer School and congratulates Adrianna, Adrianna, and Diamond on their hard work. We wish them continued success.

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Adrianna Jones, Diamond Woodard, and Adrianna Thomas













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