Third Quarter 2017: Markets Keep Going Up?

Prepared by Zach Ivey

Many commentators and market watchers seem a bit confused watching stock markets around the world continue to grow. For those watching the geopolitical gamesmanship taking place, along with other concerning news items, the world appears gloomy, but looking past headlines to the fundamentals seems to paint a much different picture. Simply put, stocks do well when economies are growing, when central banks are accommodative, when …  read more

The Equifax Hack Happened – What Should You Do To Protect Yourself?

Prepared by Donna Byrne

As you have probably already learned, Equifax recently announced that it was the victim of a large-scale hack. The hackers were able to acquire names, social security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and some driver’s license information. In addition, credit card numbers for approximately 200,000 consumers were also hacked. If your credit card information was hacked, you’ll receive notification in the mail. Otherwise, you will …  read more

Concentrated Stock – A Video Blog with Zach Ivey, CFA, CFP®

Prepared by Zach Ivey

We are pleased to introduce our first video blog featuring Zach Ivey, Chief Investment Strategist discussing concentrated stock.

2017 2nd Quarter Review: Blue Skies Thus Far

Prepared by Zach Ivey

Commercial pilots have a few simple goals; to take off and land the plane safely and to get the passengers to where they are going. The pilots don’t make the plane, but they certainly understand how it works. They don’t control the weather either, but must plan and react accordingly to meet these three basic goals.   As investment advisors, we don’t control the markets or the …  read more

Jonathan Millican, CFP® featured in BBJ Table of Experts: Insight into Financial Planning

Prepared by Jonathan Millican

What would you say is the most important consideration when building your financial plan?
I believe it’s the answer to the question, “What does the future look like for me (and my spouse/family)?” The key to the answer is to consider both the qualitative and quantitative aspect, and really you (not an advisor) hold the answer to both parts.
Qualitatively, it is clarifying your short-term and long-term …  read more