Patti B. Black, CFP®


I practice fulfillment planning, which means that I work with affluent clients to make sure their goals and their money are in alignment. Actions speak louder than words, so the way we spend our time and our money speaks volumes about what we value.”

Patti has more than 20 years helping affluent clients make sure their goals and their money are in alignment. This work is especially important in times of transition such as starting a family, sending children to college, changing jobs, or retiring. Patti develops a customized financial plan that incorporates the clients’ needs, wants, and wishes while addressing employee benefits, income tax, insurance, investments, cash flow, and estate planning. In a fee-only environment, Patti is confident that the advice she gives is objective, and geared towards her clients’ best interests.

Patti took an introductory financial planning class in college to learn how to handle money once she got in the “real” world. She was hooked and excited to learn she could make a living helping people with their own money questions. Patti and her husband, Doug, have 14 year-old twins, Anna and Luke, and are active in their church.